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What is a Sitemap - XML Sitemap Generator

What you should know about a sitemap:

1. Why do I need a sitemap?

The task of a sitemap to new sites and new URLs make it easier to find for search engines is.

2. Is indexed by a sitemap my site faster?

means to create not only a sitemap that Google, Bing & Co. those pages now automatically indexed. However, a Sitemap assisting in the process, because the pages are easier to find by spiders.

3. What happens to a page that is not included in the sitemap. It can be devalued by Google or even deleted from the index?

No, a Google Sitemap only supplied with additional information about each URL structure. This does not mean that only Google spidered your Sitemap. If your page is not excluded by a robots.txt file or the noindex and nofollow tag from indexing your pages of Google are also visited.

4. Are there any tricks to speed up the indexing a site map

There are Verschienene Ansicheten. You have the option of using our tool set the refresh rate of the XML sitemap to manually upload. This may (but need not) result in faster indexing.

5. How do I upload the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Download the sitemap on your "root" directory and call up the file sitemap.xml now log in to the webmaster tool and follow these manual

6. Why do I need the Robots.txt file?

crawlers crawl your page first robots.txt in the root directory "root" Browse. Here you determine whether the crawler search the web on it, and here you'll find the link to your sitemap.

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